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For over 100 years Phytopathology® has been the premier international journal for publication of articles on fundamental research that advances understanding of the nature of plant diseases, the agents that cause them, their spread, the losses they cause, and measures used to control them. Articles are characterized by their novelty, innovativeness, and the hypothesis-driven nature of their research.

Volume 112, Number 6 / June 2022

Short Communication

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May 2022
Phylo-Taxonogenomics Supports Revision of Taxonomic Status of 20 Xanthomonas Pathovars to Xanthomonas citri
  • Kanika Bansal,
  • Sanjeet Kumar, and
  • Prabhu B. Patil
  • Pages:1201–1207
  • Date:2 May 2022

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May 2022
Genomic Analyses of Rose Crown Gall-Associated Bacteria Revealed Two New Agrobacterium Species: Agrobacterium burrii sp. nov. and Agrobacterium shirazense sp. nov.
  • Hamzeh Mafakheri,
  • S. Mohsen Taghavi,
  • Kamran Khezerpour,
  • Nemanja Kuzmanović, and
  • Ebrahim Osdaghi
  • Pages:1208–1213
  • Date:2 May 2022


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April 2022
In-Orchard Population Dynamics of Erwinia amylovora on Apple Flower Stigmas
  • Suzanne M. Slack,
  • Jeffery K. Schachterle,
  • Emma M. Sweeney,
  • Roshni R. Kharadi,
  • Jingyu Peng,
  • Megan Botti-Marino,
  • Leire Bardaji,
  • Emily A. Pochubay, and
  • George W. Sundin
  • Pages:1214–1225
  • Date:30 April 2022

Biological Control and Microbial Ecology

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April 2022
Improvement of Sphaeropsis Shoot Blight Disease Resistance by Applying the Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Hymenochaete sp. Rl and Mycorrhizal Helper Bacterium Bacillus pumilus HR10 to Pinus thunbergii
  • Ya-Hui Wang,
  • Yun Dai,
  • Wei-Liang Kong,
  • Mei-Ling Zhu, and
  • Xiao-Qin Wu
  • Pages:1226–1234
  • Date:27 April 2022

Disease Control and Integrated Management

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May 2022
The Dark Side of Shade: How Microclimates Drive the Epidemiological Mechanisms of Coffee Berry Disease
  • Natacha Motisi,
  • Julien Papaïx, and
  • Sylvain Poggi
  • Pages:1235–1243
  • Date:2 May 2022

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April 2022
Yield Losses Associated with Different Levels of Stripe Rust Resistance of Commercial Wheat Cultivars in China
  • Xinli Zhou,
  • Taohong Fang,
  • Kexin Li,
  • Kebing Huang,
  • Chunhua Ma,
  • Min Zhang,
  • Xin Li,
  • Suizhuang Yang,
  • Runsheng Ren, and
  • Pingping Zhang
  • Pages:1244–1254
  • Date:27 April 2022

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April 2022
Comparative Transcriptome Analyses Reveal Conserved and Distinct Mechanisms of the SDHI Fungicide Benzovindiflupyr Inhibiting Colletotrichum
  • Xiaoyu Liang,
  • Lijun Zou,
  • Wenxu Lian,
  • Meng Wang,
  • Ye Yang, and
  • Yu Zhang
  • Pages:1255–1263
  • Date:24 April 2022

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May 2022
Sodium Valproate Is Effective Against Botrytis cinerea Infection of Tomato by Enhancing Histone H3 Acetylation-Directed Gene Transcription and Triggering Tomato Fruit Immune Response
  • Yang Xu,
  • Yameng Wang,
  • Lulu Wang,
  • Wenxing Liang, and
  • Qianqian Yang
  • Pages:1264–1272
  • Date:4 May 2022

Fungal Biology and Genetics

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April 2022
Genetic Diversity and Aggressiveness of Fusarium virguliforme Isolates Across the Midwestern United States
  • Rodrigo A. Olarte,
  • Rebecca Hall,
  • Javier F. Tabima,
  • Dean Malvick, and
  • Kathryn Bushley
  • Pages:1273–1283
  • Date:24 April 2022

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May 2022
Phylogenetic Diversity and Mycotoxin Potential of Emergent Phytopathogens Within the Fusarium tricinctum Species Complex
  • Imane Laraba,
  • Mark Busman,
  • David M. Geiser, and
  • Kerry O’Donnell
  • Pages:1284–1298
  • Date:5 May 2022

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April 2022
Transcriptome Analysis and Functional Validation Identify a Putative bZIP Transcription Factor, Fpkapc, that Regulates Development, Stress Responses, and Virulence in Fusarium pseudograminearum
  • Jingya Zhao,
  • Mengya Peng,
  • Wenbo Chen,
  • Xiaoping Xing,
  • Yixuan Shan,
  • Zhuo Fan,
  • Yan Shi,
  • Haiyang Li,
  • Xue Yang,
  • Honglian Li, and
  • Linlin Chen
  • Pages:1299–1309
  • Date:29 April 2022

Genetics and Genomics of Resistance

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April 2022
Development and Characterization of Novel Wheat-Rye 1RS·1BL Translocation Lines with High Resistance to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici
  • Tianheng Ren,
  • Qing Jiang,
  • Zixin Sun,
  • Zhenglong Ren,
  • Feiquan Tan,
  • Wenyi Yang, and
  • Zhi Li
  • Pages:1310–1315
  • Date:28 April 2022

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April 2022
Mapping of Crown Rust (Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae) Resistance Gene Pc54 and a Novel Quantitative Trait Locus Effective Against Powdery Mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp. avenae) in the Oat (Avena sativa) Line Pc54
  • Belayneh Admassu-Yimer,
  • Kathy Esvelt Klos,
  • Irene Griffiths,
  • Alexander Cowan, and
  • Catherine Howarth
  • Pages:1316–1322
  • Date:25 April 2022

Molecular and Physiological Plant Pathology

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April 2022
An MYB Transcription Factor Modulates Panax notoginseng Resistance Against the Root Rot Pathogen Fusarium solani by Regulating the Jasmonate Acid Signaling Pathway and Photosynthesis
  • Bingling Qiu,
  • Hongjun Chen,
  • Lilei Zheng,
  • Linlin Su,
  • Xiuming Cui,
  • Feng Ge, and
  • Diqiu Liu
  • Pages:1323–1334
  • Date:29 April 2022

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April 2022
Exogenous Melatonin Improves Pear Resistance to Botryosphaeria dothidea by Increasing Autophagic Activity and Sugar/Organic Acid Levels
  • Yun Wang,
  • Guoming Wang,
  • Wenyu Xu,
  • Zhenwu Zhang,
  • Xun Sun, and
  • Shaoling Zhang
  • Pages:1335–1344
  • Date:27 April 2022


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May 2022
Breeding a Soybean Cultivar Heinong 531 with Peking-Type Cyst Nematode Resistance, Enhanced Yield, and High Seed-Oil Contents
  • Jiajun Wang,
  • Lingan Kong,
  • Liuping Zhang,
  • Xue Shi,
  • Baishuang Yu,
  • Jinrong Li,
  • Bixian Zhang,
  • Mingjie Gao,
  • Xiulin Liu,
  • Xiaobai Li,
  • Yuan Gao,
  • Deliang Peng, and
  • Shiming Liu
  • Pages:1345–1349
  • Date:2 May 2022

Population Biology

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May 2022
The Diversity of Passalora fulva Isolates Collected from Tomato Plants in U.S. High Tunnels
  • Martha A. Sudermann,
  • Lillian McGilp,
  • Gregory Vogel,
  • Melissa Regnier,
  • Alejandra Rodríguez Jaramillo, and
  • Christine D. Smart
  • Pages:1350–1360
  • Date:4 May 2022


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May 2022
Reassortment of Infectious Clones of Radish Mosaic Virus Shows that Systemic Necrosis in Nicotiana benthamiana Is Determined by RNA1
  • Wen-Xing Hu,
  • Eun-Young Seo,
  • In-Sook Cho,
  • Jung-Kyu Kim,
  • Zhengxing Song,
  • Kang-Hee Kim,
  • Won-Seob Eom,
  • Sung-Hoon Jung,
  • John Hammond, and
  • Hyoun-Sub Lim
  • Pages:1361–1372
  • Date:2 May 2022

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April 2022
RNA-seq Analysis of Rhizoctonia solani AG-4HGI Strain BJ-1H Infected by a New Viral Strain of Rhizoctonia solani Partitivirus 2 Reveals a Potential Mechanism for Hypovirulence
  • Yuting Li,
  • Siwei Li,
  • Zhijian Liang,
  • Qingnian Cai,
  • Tao Zhou,
  • Can Zhao, and
  • Xuehong Wu
  • Pages:1373–1385
  • Date:27 April 2022

Resource Announcement

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April 2022
An Improved Genome Sequence Resource of Bipolaris maydis, Causal Agent of Southern Corn Leaf Blight
  • Yafei Wang,
  • Houxiang Kang,
  • Jinai Yao,
  • Zhiqiang Li,
  • Xinyao Xia,
  • Shaoqun Zhou, and
  • Wende Liu
  • Pages:1386–1390
  • Date:29 April 2022

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Vol. 112, No. 6
June 2022




RT1054 exhibits high resistance to stripe rust, caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in the field under severe natural P. striiformis f. sp. tritici infection at Chengdu Plain, Sichuan, China (Ren et al.). Photo credit: Tianheng Ren